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About JCS

JCS (Japan Creativity Society) is the first academic society on creativity in the world, founded in October 1979. Its primary aim is the development of personal and organizational creativity in education, and management in Japan through research and the exchange of knowledge about creativity through publications, teaching and conferences throughout the world.


JCS is a non-profit academic organization. It registered at the Japan Science Council in 1982. JCS is also a member of the Japan Federation of Management Related Academies since 2006. JCS has about 250 members including professors, high school teachers, engineers, artists, consultants, and graduate school students at the end of 2017.


Since 1980, JCS has held an annual conference in the fall in Tokyo or designated local city, and since 2016 the West Japan Branch has held an annual conference in the summer in Osaka.


In addition, JCS holds a Creative Salon about five times every year. The salon consists of two parts. The first half is a lecture, and the second half is a workshop. Because of the various programs, the salon is gaining popularity not only among members but also with non-member participants. For instance in 2017, the contents of the Creative Salon included open innovation, active learning, design thinking, KJ Method, among others.


Further, JCS publishes four newsletters and one issue of the Journal of Japan Creativity Society every year.


To read more information about JCS, please access to the official website.




About ICMI

ICMI (the Institute for Creative Management and Innovation, Kindai University) was established in June 2010. In order to facilitate the attainment of the university’s goal for education change in the 21st century, ICMI cooperate with academic circles throughout the world, to push forward the frontier of management innovation, to continuously share our results with the overseas community, to raise the level of internalization at Kindai University and it academic standing in management. ICMI also cooperates with industrial circles around the world, to develop cases on management innovation for education and research, in accord with the foundational educational spirits of the university.


ICMI holds an open lecture three times every year. The members of ICMI regularly present their research to the outside.


Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka who is the Father of Knowledge Management and Professor Emeritus of Hitotsubashi University is the Director Emeritus from the founding of ICMI. Dr. Tadao Kagono who is Professor Emeritus of Kobe University is Chairman of the Board of Advisers.


ICMI edits one issue of the English journal of Kindai Management Review every year form 2013. And the journal is published by Maruzen, the large bookstore related to foreign books in Japan.


To read more detail information, please access to the official website.